The Edinburgh Wine Club 

 Una Serata Italiana
il 11 novembre, 2015

This meeting followed a slightly different format with fewer wines (but more of each!) and a fairly wide selection of food to allow us to sample different wines with various foods. Also the prices were disclosed upfront as the wines had been bought in Italy and over a period of time. Similarly it was agreed that a 'best value' vote was inappropriate.
The producers' or suppliers' comments are shown first followed by our own comments in italics.

1. Pinot Grigio Arcole 2013 12.5% £5.74  

A light and refreshing wine with intense flowery nose. Excellent as an aperitif and also with fish.
Fruity, lovely nose, honeyed, not as dry as most pinot grigio.

2. Anselmi 2013 San Vicenzo (80% garganega, 10% chardonnay, 10% sauvignon blanc) 12.5% £9.23    Best White

Light straw in colour. Crisp and pure, with scents of minerals, lemon/lime, apricot and yellow apples. Medium-bodied, dry and fresh, with notes of citrus fruit.

Well-matched with smoked or grilled fish, shellfish, lobster salad and roast chicken.

Light-medium-bodied and smooth, it serves up much more intrigue and depth than your typical northern Italian white at this price, with round pear-apple-lemon fruit and a hint of flint. Great on its own or with light fare, such as grilled fish and shellfish.

          Comment from Peat Inn wine list: Appalled at the supermarket commercialisation of Soave and the ensuing poor public perception of it maverick Roberto Anselmi famously organised a funeral for it, procession, coffin and all. Though you wonÕt see the name on the label this is how Soave should be!

Lemons on nose, full bodied, citric and dry, well balanced acidity

3. Munus Rizzardi 2013 13% £7.10

This wine is made by long established producers Rizzardi and comes from the Bardolino region of Lake Garda. (We actually purchased it at this yearÕs Bardolino festival having sampled a few local wines and having enjoyed a plate of pasta served from one of the many outdoor stalls.)

Made from a blend of Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone and Merlot, this is a complex wine with layers of rich, silky smooth blackberry and black cherry fruit.

Smokey red berry nose, wonderful aftertaste, velvety, strawberries/vanilla on nose, seems older than 2013, like a burgundy.

4. Barbaresco Vecchia Storia 2007 (nebbiolo) 13.5% £12.34      Equal best wine

After vinification in steel tanks the wine is matured in large oak casks for 32 months. Goes well with game, roasted meats and matured cheeses.

We tasted the 2004 vintage in 2012.

Fine well rounded, burnt sugar on nose, plummy fruits in mouth, prune juice, raisins, good legs.

5. Amarone della Valpolicella San Giorgio 2004 15.5% £19.00 (bought in 2007)    Equal best wine

Amarone is when a Ricioto style wine is fermented completely dry as opposed to sweet. (Ricioto is when the grapes are left to ripen on the vine and then taken to special drying rooms to increase the sugar level producing a rich sweet wine. This method has been used for centuries.) This wine was historically an accident when a Ricioto fermentation went too far. However, in the 1950s the process was resurrected and perfected.

Today Amarone is a highly respected fine wine of the world. With its high alcohol, it manages to capture the rich notes from the drying but still holds on to a great acidity due to the cool climate of Valpolicella.

(We have tasted this same wine at EWC meetings in 2008 and 2014.)

Slightly sweet, long warm finish, great colour and legs, marzipan nose, seems to get better and better.

6. Ricioto di Soave Bixio 2009 13.5% (garganega) £14.63

Beautifully balanced, honeyed nose, reasonable acidity, nice syrupy flavour but not sugary.

7. Ricioto di Soave Gini 2004 14% (garganega) £28.68

Even more beautifully balanced, honey and orange, complex nose, jammy, mineral.