Edinburgh Wine Club Tasting, Thursday 21 May 2009

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1. Louis Jadot Beaune, 2002


Aged Pinot Noir


Wine Rack, Marchmont. Andrew is the very helpful manager

£20=  £13.33

A great example of an aged Pinot Noir giving red fruits predominantly cherry, with a background of slight savoury characteristics. In the mouth you get a burst of rich berry fruits and cherry with balanced medium tannins, the savoury notes from the nose are much more apparent with earthy leather and coffee hiding at the back.



2. Chateau Camplazens, 2006



Shiraz and Grenache



£14=      £9.33

This Western Coastal Languedoc wine is the big brother to its near by neighbour Fitou. It needs the wind and mist to stop the grapes getting too hot but the result is a rich sun led bright wine. The Shiraz gives spicy notes on the nose with juicy red fruits. To taste there is distinct herbal notes and the follow of the red fruits from the Grenache. A lovely wine that is ready to drink now.



3. Wattle Creek, 2004





£16.50=  £11

This Californian big hitter from the northern rim of Sonoma County in Alexander Valley is a classic shiraz giving complexity and class. With a nose of spice and plum it transforms in the mouth into a peppery cherry led wine with the alcohol making this a huge wine. With 5 years under itıs belt it tasted fantastic now but with time it will progress into a star.



4. Seven Canoes, 2007




New Zealand


£15=      £10

A Syrah Viognier that in the words of our head wine buyer 'this will blow your socks off.' This wine is a much more affordable way to enjoy the style of wine so revered in Cote Rotie. The Syrah gives this wine its rich plum and berry nose followed up into the mouth, the viognier gives a balanced acidity with slight hints of blossom and apricots. Medium tannins balance this wine into a ready to drink wine that is great value for money.

9= third equal


5. Errazuriz, 2007






£15=      £10

Planted in the vineyards of the founder Don Maximano and produced to the highest level of quality control this gives a very interesting wine that challenges convention with this classic Italian grape. On the nose you get a strong mix of cherry and some darker fruits. On the palate a very concentrated burst of cherry and other red fruits again with the mix of dark fruits like plum. With a long finish and strong tannins of oak and spice will allow this wine to develop well over the coming years.

11= second


6. Due torri, 2005


Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara



£25.50= £17

The unique drying and slow pressing of the grapes results in a rich wine with a powerful nose of full red fruits. The wine is made from Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes on tasting it has concentrated dried red fruits with firm tannins and a complex structure with a very good length. A wine to be savoured now or with the abundance of tannins aged in a cellar to enjoy for the next 10 years.

21= easy winner


7. Baron de Ley, 1998 Tempranillo Spain   £19.50= £13.00 A wine of real class with over 11 years of aging ( 24 months in French and US oak, then 36 in bottle ) this wine is only produced in the best vintages. An orange rim is visible at the rim of the glass pointing to the aging that the wine has gone through. On the nose a real complex mixture of dark berry fruit and dried rasin like notes with powerful savoury aromas of tobacco, leather and spice. On tasting again the dark fruits lead with ripe strawberry then the repeated savoury notes but with more complexity and an enormous length. 9= third equal 2
8. The Berrio, 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon  S. Africa   £15= £10 A chance to see some of the difference 2 years aging in the bottle gives to the wine. This wine has spent 12 months in barrel and on the nose has a subtle vanilla edge with rich dark fruits bursting to the front. In the mouth you get a lovely weight and cassis dark fruit come through into a long length. The two years in bottle has let the wine grow and find more complexity as the tannins begin to soften slightly, development is under way but can keep going further. 4 2

9. Langmeil, 2006


Cabernet Sauvignon 



 £16= £10.66

Barossa is famous for the outstanding Shiraz they produce where as this wine breaks with that convention giving a wonderfully powerful drink. On the nose you get the rich dark fruits and vanilla from the time this wine has spent in barrel. Using 20% new oak is a rare and expensive way of producing wine and this comes through with the strength of the tannins and the vanilla and spice in the long finish. Cassis and fig are evident along with the black currant but will develop with age.