The Edinburgh Wine Club 

 Le Dix

In commemoration of 10 years of DBR (Lafite)’s work in Chile, the first “grande cuvée” LE DIX was created. Le Dix de Los Vascos originates from 70-year-old vines located in the terroir known as “El Fraile”.
This is a wine of exceptional complexity, balance and elegance, with powerful tannins and aromas of very ripe fruit accentuated by spicy notes of cedar, laurel and eucalyptus.
Le Dix de Los Vascos Colchagua

Grape varieties
Cabernet Sauvignon ( more than 85%), Syrah, Carmenère

Length of ageing in oak barrels

18 months in new barrels
Average annual production
8,000 to 12,000 cases

Tasting advice 

Decanting: 2 hours or more
Tasting temperature: 16 -18°C
Vintage 2011
85% Cabernet Sauvignon
10% Carménère
5% Syrah

Rainfall was relatively low (347 mm) in 2010, and so irrigation was necessary as soon as the winter ended, in August and September. This extra water enabled the vines to continue in a normal growth cycle.
Temperatures were cool during the flowering stage resulting in lower yields with less compact bunches. Growth was then healthy and regular, producing grapes of outstanding quality with remarkable concentration. The harvests began on 19 April and took place in optimal conditions. A team of experienced pickers is dedicated to harvesting the grapes for ‘Dix de Los Vascos’ from the vineyard’s oldest plot, ‘El Fraile’.