The Edinburgh Wine Club 

 Tasting Notes, September 22, 2022

A Taste of Beaujolais

Domaine Lathuiliere Gravallon 2017 Chardonnay 13 Corney and Barrow 14.25 A rare white Beaujolais. Not a lot on the nose, a little grapefruit and fresh lemon, and some would have preferred more. Mineral, flinty, fruit acidity, long - reminded some of Chablis. At five years old it was serene and understated rather than lively.
Château de Pizay 2019 Chardonnay 12.5 Majestic 12.00 This younger white Beaujolais had peaches on the nose. Buttery on the palate, and less flinty than the first wine. A well-balanced wine. Best White
Domaine Revedon Brouilly 2018 Gamay 13.5 Majestic 13.50 The first of a series of “Cru” red Beaujolais, denoting a specific high quality area. A lovely, light, lively wine, with a long finish. Tannins? Yes! No! YES! N0! Ok…let’s say soft tannins. With cherries, brambles and raspberries “just like Mortonhall Golf Course”. Well, there’s a historic first of a wine description for you…..fore!
Stephane Aviron Quincié
Gamay 13 Wine Society 9.50 Lighter, with more acidity, than the Brouilly. Only a year old, so almost Beaujolais Nouveau. The great tannin wars erupted again, but were resolved when we were told that the carbonic maceration technique used in Beaujolais meant less contact between the pressed juice and the skins, pips etc that cause tannin. Hence the characteristically gentle nature of Beaujolais reds. And hence “velvety tannins” in the peace treaty for this wine. Best Value
Château des Jacques, Moulin-à-Vent, 2017 Gamay 13.5 Sainsbury 18.00 This is at its peak. Deep, dense and dark ruby/purple in colour. A huge amount of flavour, including violets and liquorice. A touch of sweetness, but not too heavy. Beg, borrow or steal for this corker! Best Wine
Domaine le Labruyère, 2017 Bourgogne Gamay 13.5 Corney and Barrow 13.50 Moving away from Beaujolais to Burgundy for a contrasting treatment of the Gamay grape. Drier, more tannic and longer. Cherries again, but a different style to Pinot Noir cherries! Lacks the characteristic gentleness of Beaujolais, probably, we thought, because the carbonic maceration technique had not been used.
Lafayette, Fleurie 2019 Gamay 13.5 Majestic 13.00 Pronounced bouquet of cherries. Sour cherries on the palate, and fresh and vibrant. Sweet/sour balance, and dry on the finish. For many our first love amongst Beaujolais, introduced to us by the famous Wine Well. 3rd Best Wine
Les Mouilles, Juliénas 2020 Gamay 13.5 Majestic [out of stock try Duboeuf version at Morrisons] 13.00 Fruity, earthy, marzipan sweetness, cherries…..more tannic than the Fleurie. Zesty, vibrant, dry….Tasted blind you would not have believed this was a Beaujolais, again illustrating the wide variety within the Crus that we tasted.
La Ballofière, Morgon 2018 Gamay 14 Majestic 15.00 70 year old vines, with a good deep colour and a very impressive nose. Brambles and cherries, some vanilla from oak and a touch of sweetness. More spicy and less fruit than others. Structure better than the previous one - more complex, with different levels. Heavier - reminded one of us of Primitivo. Wine tasted immediately after opening, and by 20 minutes it had softened. 2nd Best Wine
Château de Pizay, Morgon 2019 Gamay 13.5 Majestic 15.00 Sweet initially, but dry on the finish. Not as heavy as La Ballofière, but the two Morgon wines were maybe more complex, or at least heavier, than the other wines.